Gracent cares for children with developmental needs and their families

Through our network of interdisciplinary pediatric therapy centers, we promote compassionate patient care, caregiver collaboration, and clinical excellence.

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Our Organizations:

Gracent cares about helping children meet their goals through personalized, evidence-based therapies

We operate and work alongside a network of providers of pediatric therapies, including Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy, Mental Health Services, and Neuropsychology.

An individualized program for every child

Each child's goals are unique, and so is the level of support needed to facilitate the best outcomes.

We work with families to make a tailored recommendation, without predefined treatment blocks. For our ABA programs, goals are measured, tracked, and re-assessed every 6 months.

Interdisciplinary services, with compassionate care

Our clients are supported by a broad network of clinicians who participate in building comprehensive treatment programs.

Our prestigious team of Neuropsychologists supports families through the diagnosis process and re-assessments, and is always a phone call away for consultation.

Partnership with caregivers for ongoing training and support

Our clinicians and families work together to integrate each caregiver's deep understanding of their child's needs.

Through twice a month trainings, we equip families with effective strategies to bolster their child's progress beyond the clinic setting.

Better trained clinicians for better clinical outcomes

Gracent's interdisciplinary center environment helps clinicians learn from others and broaden their understanding of care across all services.

Our clinicians receive a generous stipend for continuing education, as well as in-house trainings from clinical leaders.

Our approach to ABA

Listen to our clinical leaders at North Shore Pediatric therapy describe our approach and philosophy on supporting autistic individuals.

At the core of our ABA therapy and all other therapeutic modalities lies the goal of fostering each child's distinct abilities and viewpoints while tackling any obstacles they may encounter.

We cultivate an atmosphere of inclusivity and empathy for every child who enters one of our centers.

We are advised by leaders in behavioral healthcare

Molly Ola Pinney, founder and CEO of Global Autism Project

Molly Ola Pinney

Founder & CEO, Global Autism Project
Amy Kennedy, co-founder The Kennedy Forum

Amy Kennedy

Mental Health Advocate &
Co-Founder, The Kennedy Forum
Paula Kenyon, PhD, BCBA-D, Consulting Chief Clinical Officer

Paula Kenyon, PhD, BCBA-D

Consulting Chief Clinical Officer
Our Mission Statement

Together, we grow potential

The children who trust their care and therapy to us are at the core of everything we do. What does our mission mean?

We grow our clients' and families' potential by enabling our clinicians to develop their skills and focus on delivering great care.

We grow our clinicians' potential by bringing them into our national network of peers to share learnings and great ideas, and providing consistent development opportunities in leadership, OBM, and clinical topics.

We grow the behavioral health industry's potential by expanding access to services, nurturing clinicians through their career paths, and setting the standard for the delivery of interdisciplinary pediatric therapy services.

"Management consistently goes above and beyond in responding to any concerns with a level of understanding and empathy that truly makes you feel valued and heard. It's evident that everyone here is not only highly skilled in their respective specialties but also brings a tremendous amount of heart and passion to their work."
-Glassdoor Review
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Gracent cares about supporting great clinicians

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Are you looking for a new clinical role?

In our collaborative setting, we not only foster professional growth and development, but also deeply value your expertise and dedication to advancing behavioral healthcare.
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Are you a provider looking for our support?

We share key insights and best practices across our centers, and use them to improve how we support our local communities. Are you working on a similar mission? Gracent can help you grow.

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